Night Stabbings

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Arien, Craven, Flint and Samir, along with Truneseeg, continued through the rough seas of Arkull on their way to The Haze. During an evening storm, Arien fell from her hammock and saw a golden glow from her pack. She discovered the Orb of Arcano was illuminated and woke Craven for further investigation, but the orb dimmed.

The next day, Flint held the globe, which caused a gold flash only he saw. The orb again went dim. So, Flint drew his magic sword and struck the orb, shattering it with a brilliant golden flash. With the problem seemingly resolved, they cleaned up the mess and continued the journey.

The next night Flint woke to piercing pain as an invisible assailant stabbed him. He yelled out to his companions for help as he used his own magic to turn invisible and prepare for battle against the unknown foe. Arien quickly woke and discovered the door was jammed shut. She used her acid magic to remove the door and rushed to help Flint. Craven woke from a long fitful dream and cast a spell to protect Arien from harm before entering the battle.

Samir woke to find himself bound, blindfolded and gagged. The rougish monk was able to free his feet and realized he was being held in the brig. Through muffled yells, he alerted his companions to his whereabouts and was soon freed from his cell thanks to Tygoll.

Meanwhile, Craven illuminated his Ghost Lantern which exposed the female Arkull Elf assassin attacking Flint. She commanded that Craven and Truneseeg help her apprehend Arien and Flint by order of the Triquetra. When she realized there would be no help, the assassin fled, teleporting away in a puff of smoke. Arien and Flint sped past the Frostflight crew that had arrived during the fight and reached the assassin. Flint carried Craven’s lantern which again brought the invisible assassin to light. A final crossbow bolt to the side from Truneseeg subdued the woman and ended the combat.

Captain Cither discovered a folded parchment on the assassin and ordered the heroes to their quarters while he assessed the situation. The companions went reluctantly back to their cabins with a feeling that it was only a matter of time before Captain Cither realized the Triquetra was behind the assassination attempt and would come for them…

Feed Me, Ice Foot... Feed Me!

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Arien, Craven, Flint and Samir, along with Truneseeg, had their sleep on the Frostflight interrupted by the sound of a woman’s scream. They went to investigate and Flint found Arlem lying dead in her cabin with her son, Huul, lying motionless nearby clutching a bloody knife.

Arien used her Wand of Enemy Detection and discovered that enemies were located toward the fore starboard area of the ship. Flint peered outside the hall of cabins and spotted a small purplish blossom moving slowly away. He called out “Killer flowers!” as Craven kicked open Ice Foot’s cabin door. Inside was a giant purple plant with smaller blossoms around it. Trapped in the thorny vines was the desiccated body of Ice Foot.

Huul was swiftly removed from the cabin and Samir chased the small mobile blossoms to the top deck. The flower possessed the monk and he punched one of the sailors instead of the flower. Samir shook off the hypnotic effects and stomped the bloom into a violet paste. Below deck, Arien read a scroll of protection against plants, surrounding her and her allies in a shield that the plant couldn’t physically or mentally penetrate.

With the vegetation effectively unable to defend itself, the heroes blasted it with blade and spell, plucking the life from the deadly blossom. A leaking crack in the hull was mended by Arien and Craven tended to the wounded sailors. Captain Cither thanked the heroes profusely for their brave deeds.

It seemed the plant was the result of spikey seed pods Ice Foot brought onboard in his botany chest. The plants had the ability to cause people to attack each other. Thus, Huul unwittingly killed his own mother. Arien remembered she had a spikey seed pod earned from her busking in Foothold. She immediately destroyed it to prevent further chaos.

The ship sailed on toward The Haze with the days becoming warmer as the Arkull ice sheet fell further behind them. The ship entered another storm that shook Arien from her hammock.

As she gracefully landed on the deck, she noted a gold light glowing coming from inside her pack…

All Aboard

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Arien, Craven, Flint and Samir, along with Truneseeg, woke in Foothold after a good night’s sleep. The Frostflight was scheduled to leave in the morning, so the heroes made their final preparations before departing on their voyage to The Haze.

Craven further examined the black-bladed necrotic sword recovered from the undead in the Golthan Mine. As Craven attuned to the weapon, barbed tendrils unraveled from the hilt and pierced his skin. The short sword then disappeared in a puff of smoke and a course voice whispered to him telepathically, “Command Tygoll to kill…”

They eventually boarded the ship and were shown to their quarters and the galley. During the journey, Arien bemoaned the loss of Roman and chaffed at Craven’s poor companionship; Craven sent out Artemis to watch the weather and seas while ignoring Tygoll’s suggestions to kill people; Flint mostly remained sequestered in his cabin, eating honeybuns that caused mild indigestion; and Samir lost money gambling with the sailors.

After four days of relatively smooth sailing, the companions were jolted from sleep as a woman’s scream pierced the night…

Raiders of the Lost Tomb of Doom

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Arien, Craven, Flint and Samir, along with Truneseeg, stood among the dead corpses of two four-armed beasts they recently slaughtered in the Golthan Mines on Arkull. A thorough search of the room and the bodies yielded no additional clues as to the purpose of the black orb that seemed to have summoned the creatures.

As the group contemplated their next move, Flint again cast mage hand in an attempt to lift the orb from its resting spot. Samir reached to stop the dwarf, but only managed to fall and knock over the pedestal. The companions held their breath, waiting for more danger, but the orb sat harmlessly in the floating hand. Arien reached out to touch it. A golden light flashed before her eyes and a small jolt of energy coursed through her body, but it lasted only a brief moment and the orb seemed to remain inert.

They carefully placed the orb in Samir’s bag, but as they left the inner chamber, the tomb began to crumble around them. Large chunks of rock fell from the ceiling and the floors began to crack under their feet. The heroes ran for their lives, but Samir and Truneseeg both got bashed by the rocks and fell to the ground. Arien ran back for Samir and used her magic to teleport them both out of the mines. Flint ran back and carried Truneseeg from the tomb, just in time as tons of rock crashed down, sealing the tomb… hopefully forever.

The group marched back to Foothold and noted increased activity and population as the cargo ship, The Frostflight, had arrived. They met Captain Erdan Cither before meeting with Commander Alma and receiving their promised reward for clearing evil from the mine. Back at the Foothold Inn, they examined their treasures before hitting the bar to imbibe and lend a hand to the understaffed barmaid.

As the crowds eased, the heroes of Xymor fell into slumber knowing that the Frostflight would sail in the morning and carry them to The Haze

The Black Orb

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Arien, Craven, Flint and Samir, along with Truneseeg, continued to battle the evil denizens of the Golthan Mine on Arkull. Arien, Craven, Samir and Truneseeg fought a pack of winter wolves that blocked their way out of the mines. As the last wolf fell in combat, Samir sped from the mine to find Flint, as the others followed.

Meanwhile, Flint had tracked down Myleena, an undead warlock from the mine. She stood her ground to battle the dwarf, but Flint maintained his magical flight. Unfortunately, airborne battle was not his forte and the dwarf blundered many of his swings, but Myleena also had trouble landing her strikes.

Samir quickly approached near enough to throw a javelin that punctured Myleena’s chest, sending her back into death. Frustrated at having yet another kill stolen, Flint pilfered the body and headed back into the mine with the rest of the heroes.

In the tomb, Arien pointed out a suspected secret door hidden within a symbol carved into the back wall. She remembered a strange stone in one of the alcoves and twisted it, opening the door and revealing another chamber.

Inside was a black orb resting on a pedestal. As the others moved away, Flint rapped on the orb with his rapier. Nothing happened, so he used mage hand to lift it. A gold flash filled the room and two clouds of smoke in the corners coalesced into huge beasts with four arms and silver manes. The monsters immediately attacked the intruders with blasts of confusion magic and their dangerous natural weapons.

Craven attempted to dispel magic on the orb and then push it back down onto the pedestal in hopes that this would subdue the beasts. His plan didn’t work and he was soon knocking on death’s door after receiving life-threatening wounds. Samir pulled Craven away from danger, but both he and Arien failed to revive the dying cleric of Muerath.

Flint, high on haste, felled one of the creatures and then shoved a healing potion down Craven’s throat, reviving him. Arien then jumped into the battle using sorcerous acidic dragon’s breath to slay the last remaining enemy…

Tomb of the Fallen Sentinel

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Arien, Craven, Flint and Samir, along with Truneseeg, continued their battle against the undead that they released from a tomb discovered in the Golthan Mine on Arkull.

Samir quickly moved to block Myleena, one of the suspected undead that had transformed into an elf maiden, from fleeing the area. Unfortunately, she cast a spell that paralyzed Samir, allowing her to easily pass by. She then took to the air and quickly flew out of sight. When Samir was finally able to move, he ran to follow Myleena, fearing what would happen if she reached Foothold. But the chase was cut short as winter wolves blocked the passage.

Meanwhile, SavageFlint attacked the remaining undead and ripped it to shreds with maw and claw. Hearing word that Myleena had fled, Flint transformed back to his dwarven self and took flight in pursuit.

Arien continued to explore the now empty tomb. On the back wall was a strange symbol along with text written in ancient common script. It read, “Entombed here are Amathar, Fallen Sentinel, Agent of Omet-Arzuk and her nameless wards. Defeated by the Sentinels of the Umbra and sealed by the Wizards of Arcano. Yet their spirits never rest.” Further exploration of the wall revealed that a secret door was hidden within the symbol.

Craven searched the body of one of the dead creatures and discovered a strange black belt with silver runes and hour glass symbols. He took the belt and then ran to help Samir with the wolves by summoning protective spirits.

Flint sped after Myleena, using misty step to quickly gain on her. As the dwarf reached Myleena, she shot dark magic toward him, but missed…

The Pouch of Arcano

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Arien, Craven, Flint and Samir, along with Truneseeg, continued their exploration of the Golthan mine located a few miles from the Foothold garrison on Arkull. Samir and Truneseeg kept watch at the entrance of an unknown tomb as giant wolves mournfully howled from the dark tunnels. Flint attempted to remove the iron seal that blocked further progress into the tomb. An anti-magic field permeated the area and as he approached, a noxious gas cloud erupted into the chamber. The heroes avoided the effects of the gas, but Flint was unable to open the seal.

Arien then noticed that the symbol carved into the iron appeared the same as the one on her Pouch of Arcano. She showed it to Craven and explained the morbid tale of how the pouch swallowed Mortimer. Craven shrugged, tossed the bag to Flint and told the dwarf to open it. As before, dark smoke that took the shape of clawed hands emerged. They wrapped around Flint, but then shot toward the symbol on the door. A gold flash filled the room and the smoke returned to the pouch. Flint felt his magic course through him and flame again erupted from his sword. The anti-magic field had been dissipated.

Just then, they heard three loud booms beyond the seal and the ghost that had harmlessly monitored the heroes suddenly possessed Flint. Craven turned the ghost away and they were able to put it to a final rest. Arien used her sorceress powers to blink into the ethereal realm and explore the chamber beyond the seal. She discovered that there were three broken sarcophagi and three robed undead creatures. In addition, she noted a stone that appeared out of place in one of the alcove walls.

As she reported back to her companions and they discussed their next move, a female elf suddenly appeared in their midst. She introduced herself as Myleena and explained that her and her two sisters had been trapped by an evil sorceress. With the anti-magic field gone, she was able to escape, but needed their help to release her two sisters. As Myleena told her story, Craven began preparing a magic circle to ward against undead creatures.

Arien refused to believe the woman and as she pulled out her wand of enemy detection to test her suspicions, the elf maiden prepared to attack. Samir sprang into action, pummeling the stranger into stunned submission and allowing the others to attack with impunity. However, Myleena suddenly disappeared before they could defeat her.

Craven finished creating the magic circle spell as Flint polymorphed into a savager and dug a hole through the wall into the next chamber. SavageFlint grabbed one of the undead in the chamber and pulled it through into the magic circle, where it was easily killed. A second fled into a side chamber and SavageFlint followed. He ripped the door open and inside was the second undead and Myleena. Before he could react, Myleena again disappeared.

But Samir noticed that she had reappeared at the tomb’s exit…

The Haunted Mine Redux

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Arien, Craven, Flint and Samir, along with Truneseeg, prepared themselves to again enter the Golthan Mine on Arkull. The dead dwarven miner they left outside the mine entrance had been removed, with only blood stains remaining. Craven sent in Artemis who had been recently resummoned as a spider.

She discovered that large wolves were prowling the area, gathering the remains of the dead miners. A search of the tracks at the entrance showed four to five wolves had passed through the area. In addition, Artemis noted that the tunnel to the ghost chamber had been fully sealed with piled rocks.

Samir used his focused mental abilities to grant Craven darkvision and allow the group to pass without any trace through the mines. They made it past the wolves and Flint used his magic powers to remove the stone barrier to the tunnel.

The ghosts appeared and hissed warnings at them as they attacked. The apparitions were initially ethereal, foiling any attempts to affect them. But once the ghosts attacked, they suffered mightily against the heroes’ magic and steel. Only one ghost remained, but fled through a wall to another room.

Flint used a crowbar to easily remove the iron bound portal and ran toward the next steel door. However, as he approached, he lost all connection to \magic, including his weapon. Moving back resumed his magical connection.

Meanwhile, the noise attracted one of the wolves. Samir and Truneseeg were able to kill it and warned the others of the danger. Truneseeg cast magical darkness to throw off the remaining wolves, but they heard more of the beasts shuffling in the darkness…

A Warning from Afar

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Arien, Craven, Flint and Samir, along with Truneseeg, faced two ghosts that emerged from possessed dwarves in the Golthan Mine on Arkull. Craven turned the two ghosts with the power of Muerath, but two more emerged through a wall to engage in battle. One of the ghosts managed to possess Flint, causing him to turn against his companions. Luckily, Craven was able to again renounce the possession, allowing Flint the opportunity to flee. The remaining ghost hissed a warning about the dangers in the mine and commanded them to leave.

With the lone surviving dwarf miner in tow, the party left the mine for Foothold. During the march back, a sheathbill flew to greet them. It spoke in the voice of Queen Emeah from the Panthcia Clan. It warned, “Message from Orthas: One flying ship of undead in Qeld. Triquetra calls them friends. Be careful.”

Back at Foothold, they were urged by Commander Alma to rout the ghosts from the mine since it was owned by the wealthy House Tor’ Tashell in Qeld. The group agreed to complete the mission for free passage to The Haze in addition to 500 gold pieces, a writ of commendation to House Tor’ Tashell, a blind eye turned to their use of the dark arts, powdered silver for Craven and a guarantee that the cargo ship will wait for them to return from the mine.

Alma agreed and the heroes began their preparations to reenter the Golthan Mines…

The Haunted Mine

Long into the future in a land far, far away…

Arien, Craven, Flint and Samir, along with Truneseeg, found themselves in the mining town of Foothold at the edge of the Arkull ice sheet. As Craven and Samir were helping to restore the town and mend the wounded after an attack by giant arctic wasps, a crazed dwarf covered in blood ran into the garrison. He yelled that his fellow miners had been slaughtered. Several of the miners had turned murderous, and horrific floating heads attacked others. The dwarf was taken to the inner bailey by the town guards and Craven and Samir headed back to the Foothold Inn to inform their companions about the situation.

After Craven had several drinks, Castellan Dunn Fodder entered the inn looking for them. He told them that according to the dwarf, the miners had stumbled upon a constructed hallway in the Golthan Mine. Hoping to have found an ancient treasure trove, they entered the hall and broke down a doorway. It was then that several of the miners began attacking the others and incorporeal floating heads finished the job.

Commander Alma, hearing of the companions’ prowess in fighting the wasps and rumors of Flint’s use of the dark arts, was requesting that they investigate the mine. In return, she would guarantee the group free passage to The Haze aboard the next cargo ship. After some debate, the heroes agreed and set out for the three mile march to the Golthan Mine with the guard Al-Teran as their guide.

During the journey, they were confronted by the two Ursmar Barbarians Flint had encountered in Foothold. Despite Al-Teran’s pleads for peace, the barbarians and Flint were itching for a fight. Their pet bear burst forth to join the battle as the werebear barbarians attacked. Craven commanded the barbarians to grovel before the might of Muerath as Flint swung his fiery sword. Samir and Trunseseeg shot at the foes from afar as lightning bolts shot from Arien’s hands to scorch the enemies. The barbarians and bear were quickly put down and the party continued their journey to the mine.

Samir and Truneseeg silently led the way into the dark tunnels where they discovered two dwarves stacking rocks to block entry into the newly discovered hallway. Flint surprised one of the dwarves, instantly killing him. However, an incorporeal spirit emerged from the dead dwarf. Flint fled in a panic as Craven stepped forward to rebuke the undead.

The ghost moaned in fear and another ghost emerged from a second possessed dwarf…


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