A Bloody Message of Hope

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen rose from their night’s rest. While Arien had uninterrupted sleep and regained her full magical abilities, she still felt in a weakened state. However, the nightmare Vermelda inflicted on Roman left the barbarian unrested and more glum than ever. As the others shook off their sleep, Arien went to check on Dirt. To her horror, the scrawny human was dead with his wrists slit. Written on the wall in his blood was a map with two words: “Crystal” and “Beware”.

After some debate, the companions decided to follow the map, hoping that Morgath had a hand in Dirt’s artwork. Varen led them through the small tunnels and after a few slips, they eventually made it to their destination. A red glow emitted from a small tunnel heading straight down. Varen used his powers to become invisible and climbed down into the chamber below. Inside, a huge glowing red crystal jutted from the rocky floor. Varen hid to await any movement in the chamber after seeing something scurry in the shadows. Meanwhile, Arien also turned invisible, then drank a potion of gaseous form to float into the chamber as Nolofinwe and Roman waited behind.

In the chamber, several small gopher-like creatures appeared from side tunnels and took up guard next to the crystal. Varen threw a rock at the crystal, causing the creatures to emit loud whistles and chittering. Meanwhile, Nolofinwe and Roman started making their way into the cavern. Nolo hung from the tunnel at the roof of the chamber when the gopher creatures began to attack. With Varen and Arien invisible, they focused their slings on Nolofinwe, nearly killing him before he managed to scramble back up the tunnel.

Roman used his magical goblin intestine rope to climb down into the cavern. He flew into a rage and swung his glaive in a wide arc to kill two of the creatures and Varen cast fireball to singe a group of them. He leaned against the crystal as the gophers turned to attack him. The chamber filled with bright red light and Varen felt fully healed. Arien returned to corporeal form and came under immediate vicious assault. She was barely conscious when Varen told her to touch the crystal. She made it to the magical mineral and laid her hand upon it.

The chamber again filled with bright red light and she found that not only were her current wounds healed, but the weakness caused by Vermelda’s previous nightmares had lifted…



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