A Message from Vermelda

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen crawled away from the Red Crystal Cavern, slightly wounded but in much better shape than the last time they visited the Burrowlings. Nolifinwe was able to examine his glowing Bear of Healing. It seemed to have absorbed some of the power of the red crystal, but without knowing more about it, the companions decided to wait on experimenting with the power.

The group arrived at Hactuan and Varen used his magic to see into the ethereal realm. He noticed Vermelda standing close to Roman, but pretended like he hadn’t noticed her. He spoke in elvish to discreetly let his companions know, but the ruse was exposed and Vermelda slipped through the ground and out of sight. The heroes decided to make their way to the Ant Hive in an effort to save Shanna as promised. Varen conjured phantom steeds and they quickly headed toward the insects.

During the evening, Vermelda appeared and placed a small bundle on the ground. Leery of the hag’s intentions, they waited until the next day to investigate. Roman walked right up to the bundle and opened it. Inside was a drow finger with a note promising more pieces of Varen’s mother in the future if he didn’t make a bargain with the hag. Roman called to Arien to discuss the finding. They grew suspicious of Varen’s intentions and confronted the bard about this “bargain”. He denied any bargain and seemed only concerned about his mother. They entertained the possibility that Shanna was no longer in the ant hive, but with few other options, they decided to make sure.

They entered the ant hive under invisibility, in silence and with Roman granted the power of dark vision. Despite their precautions, two giant ants were able to detect them with their tremorsense and attacked. Arien distracted one of the creatures by tossing her tambourine into a corner, allowing Roman to use his physical prowess to destroy the other. The second returned to attack Arien, who blasted it with an acidic orb. Varen caused the ground to tremble and a thunderwave destroyed the last insect… However, they heard rumbling and cracks appeared in the rocks as dust and small stones fell from the cavern ceiling…



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