Ants in Your Pants

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen entered a giant ant hive in search of Shanna, Varen’s missing mother. Nolofinwe used his power over beasts to communicate with one of the giant ants, but it insisted they leave. When Arien began casting a spell, the insect attacked. The hive awoke to the intruders and an additional giant ant and swarm of smaller ants took to defense. The swarm engulfed Nolofinwe and the giant ant grabbed him in its mandibles. Varen used his unique gifts to scare the ant away, but the creature brought Nolofinwe with it. Roman grappled the ant, but it viciously stung him, nearly killing the weakened barbarian. Arien cast her magic from afar to destroy the pests as Varen jumped on the giant ant’s back. Eventually, the insects were terminated and Nolofinwe rescued from a painful death.

Exhausted and terribly wounded, Roman suggested that the companions leave the hive and go back to the red crystal cavern for healing. However, Varen insisted on going forward to save his mother. The two stubborn men came to a tense impasse, nearly tearing the group apart. But Arien eventually convinced Varen that it was in his best interest to have a healthy Roman. Without Roman, any effort to save Shanna would fail.

On the way back to Hactuan, they passed through the cavern where Shanna and the other residents were stolen from the Duergar. Roman carefully inspected the area and concluded that maybe the insectoids actually just wanted to kill the Duergar and not the slaves. This gave him hope that Shanna was still alive. Arien suggested that the insectoids were controlled by something else since Varen’s previous contacts with them had been peaceful.

During the night, Varen was visited by Vermelda. The hag tried to bargain with the bard. In exchange for Arien’s Gem of Power, Vermelda would provide Varen and his mother a way out of Xymor. Varen tried to negotiate, but the hag quickly reentered the ethereal plane.

During his watch, Nolofinwe noticed Roman mumbling and tossing in his sleep. The druid woke his friend from slumber, negating the hag’s nightmare effect and allowing Roman to get a full night’s rest…



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