Bard! Poet! Lover...

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Maggie and Nolofinwe sought an exit from the abandoned mine in Burran in order to flee the falling city when a giant spider suddenly appeared between Arien and Maggie. The spider’s fangs impaled Maggie and injected its venom, killing their rogue friend. The companions attacked the creature, but as quickly as it appeared, it again turned invisible. Frustrated, Roman slammed the door to the room he was in to sulk.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the heroes of Burran, a figure watched from the shadows. The wily observer tried to cast a spell on the invisible spider that would show its location. Unfortunately, the ploy didn’t work, so he cast invisibility on himself to get closer to the action without causing notice. The spider soon reappeared to drag Maggie’s body away, but the heroes sprung to action. Roman jumped on the creature, grappling it. Before the arachnid could get away, it was destroyed. Roman immediately set about removing the creature’s fangs and poison glands while Arien removed Maggie’s valuables.

Burran began to ominously tremble as a half-drow appeared from the shadows. Before the group could react to the sudden appearance, the stranger mentioned he knew Skye and Nolofinwe confirmed he had seen the half-drow perform at the Bowling Boulder. To Roman’s immense satisfaction, the bard even claimed to know the way out of the abandoned mine, as well as a way to Massar.

The interloper then introduced himself as “Varen Amakiir. Bard! Poet! Lover…” He then winked at Arien and said, “At your service!” before performing an overdramatic bow…



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