Below the Basement

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Maggie and Nolofinwe confronted the goblins and drow warrior that chased them through Morgath’s home. Arien stepped from the study to blast the drow, causing her head to explode in a fiery burst. Roman cleaved through several of the goblins, with Maggie and Nolo lending a hand.

Meanwhile, the back door they were headed toward began to shake and shudder as somebody tried to break it down. The companions decided to head back down into Morgath’s basement where Arien, who was now invisible thanks to her sorcery, encouraged the group to ride inside the sarcophagus to a chamber below. Roman stayed behind, fending off their drow pursuers as the rest made their way to a small chamber below.

Roman eventually rejoined the group where Arien discovered that one of the skulls in various niches had fangs and a polished spot on the top. But in the basement above, the heroes could hear the sounds of their enemies, followed by a loud explosion. As dust settled from the ceiling, they assumed one of Morgath’s traps had gone off on the unwary creatures above. Arien then twisted the skull, opening a secret tunnel. Emboldened by her discovery and heroic deeds, she marched forward, while Roman took up the rear, leery of Arien’s knowledge and uncanny ability to decipher Morgath’s various secrets.

The tunnel opened into a small chamber with a short drop. Arien, still invisible jumped down where she came under attack by several badly decayed zombies. Arien tried to distract them by throwing a torch into the distance, but soon Roman and Maggie jumped down and more zombies appeared to attack. As Roman hacked at them, one lost an arm and head that remained animated until the zombie was completely destroyed.

But he didn’t have time to process this discovery as two more zombies rose from a nearby pool of water to move toward Arien…



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