Cave Zombies Attack

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Mortimer and Maggie faced off against a flock of stirges that attacked them from the darkness of Xymor. The small creatures were easily killed, with only Arien suffering significant blood loss from the fight.

With the area cleared of enemies, Roman stripped and entered the cavern pool to swim through to the other side per Ich-Tell’s instruction. He took a rope with him for the others to use as a guide through the submerged tunnel. They secured their perishable items in the cavities of the dead stirges and bedrolls to prevent water damage before taking the plunge. Everybody made it through without difficulty, although they had to remove several cave leeches that attached themselves during the swim.

After a few hours, the group came upon the dead bodies of an ogre and a human. Maggie went forward to investigate and both of the corpses began to rise as zombies. The heroes sprang into action with Roman, Maggie and Arein jumping right into the fray while Mortimer stayed behind with Ich-Tell to deliver magical attacks. The large ogre zombie used a large femur bone to lay waste to Maggie and Arien. Roman few into a rage as his companions fell and Mortimer blinded and weakened the giant zombie with his spells.

As the zombies were put back to death, Maggie miraculously awoke from her terrible wounds. But it took a potion of healing from their dwindling supply to revive the dying Arien…



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