Fight! Fight! Fight!

A long time ago, in a land far, far away…

After defeating several fiery skeletons and Azers, Arien, Nolofinwe, Craven, Flint, and Samir looted their enemies’ remains and scoured the area. Bright orange light illuminated the cavern ahead and as Flint walked to the stone steps leading into the chamber, an armored human shot a flaming arrow at him. The arrow missed, but the guard was not alone. Three magmin advanced to also repel the intruders.

Flint moved to block the creatures from advancing past him up the stairs but his eager companions rushed down to fight the creatures. Nolofinwe doused the enemy in a purple glow to make them easier to hit as Arien used her magic to boost Samir’s speed and agility for battle. A bulbous flying creature with a stinging tail erupted from a side chamber, screeched loudly to frighten the heroes and then began swallowing Arien whole. Flint tried to pry the creature off Arien as Craven summoned the blessings of Muerath to create a spiritual scythe to strike down his foes. The guard scrambled away from the battle, but Samir followed and unwittingly triggered a green flaming skull to rise and announce the intruders.

Meanwhile, Arien used her powers to teleport away from the water leaper’s jaws. The creature was eventually destroyed, along with the remaining magmin. But the unholy skull created a flaming sphere to burn Samir and then blasted the group with a giant fireball and magic missiles. Arien cast lighting bolt to char the skull and with the help from her companions, it too was destroyed. Samir managed to reach the guard and used his quick attacks to render him unconscious.

However, their attention was drawn to a woman, sheathed in flames, that flew to a landing that jutted from a pool of magma that covered the eastern part of the cavern. She called out, “Pyrumothexius it is time to defend the flames!” before taking cover behind a pillar of rock. But Samir quickly made his way across the magma to attack the fiery sorceress. Then a loud roar filled the cavern as a flaming dragon flew into the fray. Flint also quickly ran to the sorceress, leaving Arien, Nolo and Craven back in the main chamber.

As he passed his new companions he shouted in encouragement, “Have fun with the dragon!”



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