Goodbye Burran

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen continued their escape from the falling city of Burran. Arien insisted on burning the body of Maggie before Varen led them to the exit. A small creature wielding a scythe and shod in iron boots tried to kick Varen to the ground, and another lashed out with its wicked weapon. The rest of the companions rushed to battle, but Arien was kicked down and viciously attacked. Varen used is magic to turn one of the creature’s boots red hot. One small psycho was soon killed, but Roman cut off the thumbs of the other and decided to take him captive. They followed Varen down the tunnel which ended in a 100 foot drop to the Black Lake below. Burran was burning and trembling as residents swam away. Insect like crabs emerged to drag some of them into the water.

Frustrated at their lack of an escape route, Roman threatened to throw Varen off the ledge. Varen taunted Roman to comply with his threat. As Roman tossed Varen over, the bard cast a Feather Fall spell on his new companions and floated gently below. Roman then jumped, followed by Nolofinwe. Arien stood undecided when Vermelda suddenly appeared. She claimed she wanted to speak with Arien, but when she began casting magic missile, Arien quickly decided to jump.

Once in the water, Varen led them to a far shore where they came under attack by a Chuul. The creature grabbed Roman, paralyzed him and began dragging him into the water. Nolofinwe conjured four crocodiles around the creature, which clamped on and wrestled the creature back to shore. Varen cast fireball to finish off the beast and the companions breathed a sigh of relief on the shore.

Even though it was still early in the day, the companions decided to take a much-needed rest. Varen created an impenetrable dome for them all to sleep in. In the evening, they emerged, refreshed, and entered the caverns of Xymor, leaving behind the fallen city of Burran…



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