Home is Where the Hag Is

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen fought the leucrotta that feasted on the dead bodies of the Hactuan residents. Arien and Varen both lobbed fireballs in the middle of the beasts to singe their hides and Nolofinwe increased the growth of the lichens and fungi in the area to hamper their escape. Roman sliced through the creatures with his glaive and they all eventually succumbed to sword and spell.

As the rest of the group examined the dead settlement for clues as to what happened, Roman used his powers to speak with a small spider. The arachnid told him that Duergar slavers had taken most of the residents away and slaughtered the others. The leucrotta arrived later to make an easy meal of the dead. Roman called his companions to a Hactuan hovel and drank a potion of etherealness to see if Vermelda lurked near. Satisfied that she wasn’t, he told them what the spider said. Varen immediately determined that he was going to find the slavers to save his mother. But Roman convinced the bard to help the group get rid of Vermelda first.

The plan was for Roman to act like he killed Nolofinwe and Arien, then bring the supposedly dead body to the hag. Nolofinwe would cast a spell on Arien to make the ruse more realistic. Then, they would use their remaining potion of etherealness and Nolofinwe’s magic to prevent the witch from escaping and kill her. Varen agreed to help in the endeavor and then took to the task of carrying out funeral rites for Nyx. He played a personal funeral tune for her and when the others left to their hovels, he spoke solemnly over the dying embers of her body.

During the night, Arien was again plagued by Vermelda’s nightmares and woke the next morning even weaker than before. During the day, Vermelda appeared to Roman demanding he soon retrieve the gem for her. He agreed, but she warned him that she was always watching before fading again into the ether.

That night, they discussed the final touches of their plan. Nolofinwe cast feign death on Arien before taking his watch. Soon, Roman snuck up behind Nolofinwe and pretended to break his neck. The druid fell to the ground in an overly dramatic manner. But unbeknownst to everybody, Vermelda emerged from the ether right next to the alone and helpless Arien…



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