Into the Basement

A long time ago in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Maggie and Nolofinwe stood among the dead duergars and displacer beast as Morgath Gravesend nonchalantly offered them asylum. The heroes followed him in his study, toting both an unconscious duergar and goblin for later questioning. Morgath pulled at a combination of books on his shelf and mumbled arcane words under his breath to open a secret spiral staircase leading down. Before the heroes of Burran could descend, he made them promise not to touch anything. They all agreed, with Roman being the most hesitant.

At the bottom of the stairs they discovered several beings emaciated and chained to the walls. One was Carsa Stonefellow, whom they traded to Morgath earlier. The other was a blonde human that Roman assumed to be the one mentioned by Haldo. They noted that they all had puncture wounds, which indicated to them that Morgath was a vampire, and this is buffet.

Once safely at the bottom, the heroes requested that Morgath remove the curse from Arien that was similar to Mayor Gargen Stonefellow’s. They also related their encounter with Sollene and her morphing into a horrible hag. Morgath promised to heal Arien, relate further information about hags and allow them a night’s rest in his chambers, as long as they went back to The Krypt and returned with food and water for his “pets.” In addition, he wanted a bottle of fine wine and hard cheese he had stashed. Roman nearly refused, worrying that Arien would be too exhausted for the trip. But Morgath offered her to stay with him while the rest of the group headed out. Roman balked at the idea, but Morgath assured the barbarian of his lover’s safety. Roman, Maggie and Nolofinwe headed out to the Krypt. The Dark Corner was in ruins from the vicious assault of vile creatures of the depths of Burran.

Meanwhile, Morgath offered Arien comforts, but made her promise to keep a secret until her companions left his home. Arien promised to keep the secret in return for Morgath providing them solace for additional nights. Morgath agreed and opened a vault in the floor. A sarcophagus rose from it. Morgath opened a side drawer and pulled out pillows and blankets for Arien before it slipped back into the floor. Morgath then tried to offer Arien to replace Skye as his companion. In return, she would be able to shed the shackles of mortality. Arien refused and brushed the vampire away to get some much needed rest.

Back on the streets, the heroes encountered two bird-like perytons. The creatures didn’t notice them, but flew down an alleyway where Zufem lived. As the companions silently moved through the streets, they heard sounds of battle down the alley. They crept closer to find Zufem battling the perytons, along with gnolls and goblins. Several of the fell beasts were already killed, but the troll looked to be exhausted. The heroes rushed to the rescue, helping Zufem eventually destroy all the creatures, except one peryton that flew away…



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