Please Tell Me What The Ratties Say

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Mortimer and Maggie walked into a dark chamber in the abyss of Xymor. Once they all entered, two grimlocks attacked with their spiked bone clubs. Maggie was able to help Roman kill the first after it bungled its attack, but the other was able to smash Mortimer to the ground. Roman quickly dispatched the beast and Arien administered a healing potion to the unconscious wizard. The group then continued further into the depths as Mortimer’s crow familiar, Edgar, berated his lack of fighting abilities.

The companions eventually made their way to a crossroads where they heard a goblinoid speaking to what they assumed were children. They tried to cautiously examine the area, but were attacked by a hobgoblin and his pet rats. As the rats fell in battle, the hobgoblin grew enraged, which prompted Roman to fly into his rage and kill the creature. After securing beast’s belongings, including a strange magic rope made of undulating intestines, the group decided to head down a tunnel that seemed to have cooler air.

After travelling for a bit, they heard the stomping of feet behind them and realized that they were being pursued by Duergar. Mortimer cast an illusion of a boulder that the group crouched behind. Arien prepared to cast a fire bolt spell as soon as Roman gave her the word to attack…



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