Sad Little Orphans

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Maggie and Nolofinwe decided to investigate an orphanage in Burran with the hopes of finding the lost Jarra. Maggie had discovered a Thieves Cant symbol that indicated the building was a thieves’ den, but the group pressed on. Roman climbed to the top of the roof and made his way down a chimney. Nolofinwe transformed into a cat and peered inside one of the windows where he saw young children running in the halls. Arien turned herself invisible and peered inside. She saw a hooded man with part of his face heavily scarred sitting at a desk and talking with several children. And Maggie knocked on the front door.

One of the young girls opened it and invited her inside. Maggie stayed in the doorway but quickly came under attack. The man rushed forward and punched her in the throat as several of the orphans jabbed her with their daggers. She pulled away and the orphans followed her outside, eventually drawing enough blood to drop her to the ground. Nolofinwe soon arrived and created a thunder bolt that killed all of the children in one vicious wave. He then healed Maggie, and with the still invisible Arien, they entered the orphanage.

Meanwhile, Roman found himself in the kitchen area with three orphans. He rushed out and knocked out a girl and growled at the others to flee. The reunited group then used a key to open a secret door that led to a descending staircase…



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