Slaying the Manticore

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, and Maggie continued on their journey to the city of Burran in the caverns of Xymor. Roman, still enraged from a battle with bullywugs, grabbed Ich-Tell by the throat, held him over a high waterfall and accused him of knowing about the bullywug ambush. The pathetic cultist swore innocence and with help from Arien’s soothing voice, Roman roughly released him. They all jumped down to the ledge below with the help of Arien’s featherfall spell.

They eventually arrived at a beach where beggars emerged from tents. Arien offered to help a young human girl named Jarra and soon there was chaos on the beach as the rest of the poor mob wanted help also. Arien shooed them all away as the blind ferryman arrived. For the price of a ruby, Dargoll agreed to transport them to Burran, which was an enormous petrified mushroom jutting up from Black Lake.

During the journey, a manticore attacked. It shot tail spikes at the heroes, eventually killing Ich-tell. Arien continued to blast the creature with her sorcery, enraging it. It flew directly toward her and landed on the boat. Roman flew into his own rage and jumped on the back of the beast while trying to choke it. Meanwhile, Maggie darted in and out of the melee, eventually using her rapier to slay the beat.

The group made it to Burran where the guards at the gate were surprised to see the manticore slain. They directed the companions to the Bowling Boulder tavern. Inside, the heroes noticed that word of their deeds had spread among the townsfolk. To their surprise, they were approached by an elf they recognized from their times in the magmium mines. Nolofinwe introduced himself, saying that he escaped from the mines by using his druidic powers to change into a mouse and slip past the guards. He was deeply saddened to hear of Mortimer’s death and agreed to guide the others throughout Burran…



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