Slaying the Necromancer

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Mortimer and Maggie continued their battle against the undead army created by Jax Newlife in the caverns of Xymor. A mummy continued trying to frighten the raging Roman to no avail as it took a solid beating from the group. Eventually, Maggie struck the creature in a vital spot, causing it to unravel into a pile of ribbons. The skeletons in the cavern continued raining arrows, but were soon put back to death.

The group continued after Jax, but soon had to face an animated rug made of humanoid skins. It was eventually cut to shred after trying to strangle Roman. Maggie snuck forward into a chamber where she spotted Jax hiding behind a pile of rocks with his wand of magic missiles in hand.

After reporting her findings, the companions moved in to attack. Arien and Mortimer tried to distract the necromancer as Roman charged in for the kill. Jax attempted to again flee and blast his way out, but he could not withstand the might and magic of our heroes…



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