The Necromancer's Lair

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Mortimer and Maggie searched a cavern in Xymor where skeletons recently emerged for a losing battle. The area appeared to be a necromancer’s morgue. Searching through the debris, Mortimer found a vertebra inscribed with arcane runes. He decided to spend some time examining the artifact as the rest of the companions explored the nearby area, tended to wounds and had some cuddle time. Mortimer discovered that the vertebra could be used to stare extra spells, so he pocketed it.

The heroes then headed into a chamber that had two locked chests. Maggie examined them both and found nothing amiss. Ever cautious, Roman used his glaive to move one of the chests which caused rocks to tumble from the roof. With the trap disarmed, they opened the chests to find them both empty. The group then entered a chamber where two zombies tried to dump more rocks upon them at the entrance. They avoided the surprise and quickly dispatched the undead.

In the next large cavern, the heroes faced more undead foes including a rotting mummy. The necromancer, Jax Newlife, offered the companions eternal life whether they surrendered or not. Undaunted, the foursome entered battle. Roman flew into a rage as he tried to take down the mummy, avoiding the creature’s frightful visage. Arien created mirror images of herself to confuse her adversaries as she launched magic missiles against Jax. After being wounded by his adversaries, Jax fled from the cavern, but his minions remained behind to continue the battle…



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