The Red Crystal

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen traversed back to Hactuan in defeat after being repelled by giant ants. The companions tried to devise a coherent plan for using the power of the red crystal. Roman wanted to find out more about the crystal: where it came from and what all of its powers were. Arien simply wanted to get in, have Roman touch the crystal for healing, and then get out. They decided on a stealthy approach, using magic and potions to become invisible and silent upon their approach.

As they crawled through the tight tunnel toward the cavern entrance, they noticed that the red glow of the crystal was more intense, and there was a strange low whistling emanating from the area. Arien took a look into the cavern and discovered that the chamber was filled with Burrowlings. The creatures used the red crystal in a ritual that reincarnated their dead into Burrowling pups birthed from surrogates. After the ceremony, the chamber emptied with the exception of four Burrowling guards.

The group quietly climbed down and threw a rock which once again caused the Burrolwing guards to scatter, giving them enough time to inspect the crystal. They found the crystal had no inclusions and was perfectly smooth. In addition, it appeared as if the crystal had been thrust up through the cavern floor. Roman seriously considered chipping away at it, but instead, he simply touched the mineral which completely healed him. The Burrowlings immediately returned in numbers, and the companions fled with Nolofinwe touching the crystal on his way out. Unfortunately, Nolo was spotted and sling stones began flying, but the heroes managed to escape with only minor wounds.

As they crawled away through the tunnels they noticed a red glow coming from Nolofinwe’s pouch. The druid looked inside and discovered that his Bear of Healing now glowed…



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