The Witch Hunt Continues

Excerpt from “The Heroes of Xymor: The Criminal Years Vol. 2, Chapter 7: The Witch Hunt in the Fires of Burran,” by Archmage Hannibal Kahnhari, Head Scholar and Headmaster of Ravencraft School of Sorcery and the Dark Arts.

…The battle against the water elemental is not particularly memorable if not for two things.

First, while the heroes of Xymor fought for their life against the living embodiment of water and its two mephits, unbeknownst to Roman, the statue of Muerath had not only bestowed empowerment to Roman’s glass eye, but blessed his first legendary glaive, Fury Kahn, with, at the time, unidentified magical qualities. Through first-hand accounts from those who testified of carrying the glaive, when the holder engages into battle against unnatural beings, the giant spear reacts by subtly glowing emerald green and shimmering with its magical power. Its power gave the heroes the advantage they needed to defeat the water elemental. If not for Roman’s glaive, the fight may have had a different outcome.

Second, this was the second time Arien was irrationally pursued and placed in direct danger; the first time being with the bullywugs. Through interviews with elemental spirits in the Elemental Plane, we know the water elemental was compelled to attack Arien, even in the face of greater threats such as Roman and Nolofinwe. There are various theories on why this was, one popular theory being that the water elemental saw Arien as the greatest threat due to her magical abilities. But by all accounts, it was Roman Kahn that did the most harm to the elemental. Natural instinctual behavior in all living things has a certain pattern when it comes to fighting: the fight or flight mechanism. When an animal is harmed and overpowered, it will either try to preserve its life by running away or defend and attack the single, greatest source of its bodily harm. With that scientific rationale, the water elemental should have focused on Roman Kahn, but it did not. The elemental forewent its own safety in order to pursue Arien. This, of course, ultimately led to its downfall. But the question is: why? What compelled the water elemental and the bullywugs to aggressively single out Arien? One possible answer? – Her gem of power.

Roman skewered the water elemental. It roared in its death like the sound of crashing tidal waves. Its body funneled up into a tall spire and then splashed down into a pool of water at the feet of Roman and Arien.

“Arien, you alright?” Nolo asked, out of breath from having climbed the building.

“Yes, hon,” she responded, still slightly shocked by the attack from the elemental.

Roman looked at the pool of water and then at Arien. He didn’t have time for questions. He knew they had move and quick.

The heroes jumped down from the rooftop and cautiously approached the entrance of the Black Mold. Roman entered first and aptly dealt with three goblins who were apparently in the process of ransacking the apothecary, seeking potions of magic or mind altering substances. The store was in shambles with broken glass, knocked over cabinets, and strange liquids splattered everywhere.

Sadly, Roman discovered Seriph’s dead body in the back room. Whether the goblins killed her or something else, Roman could not tell. He took a chain of keys from her body.

As the heroes searched the store, they heard screams of men in fear and a monstrous roar outside.

“We need to hurry,” Roman said. While his friends sought for the potion Morgath spoke of, Roman searched the store for another exit other than the front door.

Maggie found a locked box. It was the only thing the goblins had not bothered. With one of the keys Roman found, Maggie opened the box and discovered several potions.

Excerpt from “The Heroes of Xymor: The Criminal Years Vol. 2, Chapter 7: The Witch Hunt in the Fires of Burran,” by Archmage Hannibal Kahnhari, Head Scholar and Headmaster of Ravencraft School of Sorcery and the Dark Arts.

…and with that, the Heroes of Xymor found what they sought. Morgath did not lie to them. They had found the potion that would help them find Sollene. The first step of the witch hunt was complete. Ancient mercantile documents give evidence that there were other concoctions in that box, but what exactly all of them were is lost to history.

So, with the potion, Roman had to make a choice what to do next. Many contemporary historians believe that this choice was a critical point in the heroes’ achievements. It’s impossible to determine the thoughts of a man who has been dead for centuries. But what historians can piece together with extant sources are all the possible options Roman concerning what to do next: 1) return to Mogath’s home, 2) find a safe hiding hole in the burning Dark Corner, 3) return to the orphanage and attack Vermelda, 4) return to Stonefellow Manor. For whatever reason, Roman chose to return to Stonefellow Manor.

Roman was the last to climb through the chimney and onto the roof with the rest of his friends.

“So where to, big boss?” Nolo asked.

Mayor Gargen’s place,” Roman answered.

“What? Why? What’s there?” Maggie questioned.

“Reasons,” Roman responded as he leapt over a street and onto another rooftop.



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