Zombie Furries

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Mortimer and Maggie decided to take a much needed rest after an intense battle with an ogre zombie. Mortimer conjured Edgar again to keep watch on the southern tunnel as Roman kept watch on a chamber to the north. During Roman’s guard, a zombie meandered into the area. Roman easily took his glaive to the undead and destroyed it. Later, during Maggie’s watch, another zombie wandered by. It wore a tattered bear fur costume but did not heed the sleeping companions.

The next morning, Roman used a tale about his former fighting companion named Meatball to discuss tactics with Maggie and Arien. His strategies were put to the test as three costumed zombies attacked. Roman kept the creatures bottled up in a passageway as Maggie darted in and out of the melee. Arien and Mortimer rained magic from further away, until skeletons clambered in from chamber to the east. Roman flew into a rage and ran to slay the skeletons as Maggie finished the last zombie.

The skeletons fell to sword and spell with that last crumbling to a blast from Arien’s magic missile…



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