The Empire of Xymor

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Maggie and Nolofinwe continued to battle the badly decaying zombies in the tunnels under Morgath’s basement. As more zombies appeared and Arien seemed trapped, Roman ordered his companions to flee down a tunnel. Arien tumbled her way through the zombie horde and the companions fled into another room where an ancient barrel and crate remained. Roman lifted the crate and threw it to block the zombies from entering the room. However, a black pudding that nested in the crate emerged to attack.

The group continued to flee from the room and the black pudding turned its attacks on the zombies. Maggie gave Nolo a potion of healing to help him overcome his wounds. Unfortunately, it turned out to be poison. Nolo was able to survive the vile liquid and move on. They closed the door to the room and encountered a spectral Duergar that phased into the floor. They continued on into an old magmium mine where a large web was spun in the corner. Despite glittering trinkets in the web, the companions decided not to engage in battle with the vicious giant spider and headed deeper in the tunnels. They soon discovered a small statue of Muerath. When Arien touched the statue, several ghostly duergar appeared. Luckily, Roman was able to gain the trust of their leader through diplomacy. The duergar mentioned that a witch was following them, and the hag quickly fled from the scene. He also mentioned that they disliked Morgath because he held a dagger that could hurt them.

The duergar leader related a tale that the duergar once ruled the grand subterranean Empire of Xymor. The surface of the world was unlivable. The Duergar mined for gems, metals and magmium. Until the Empire was invaded by the Machines. The machines wanted the magmium to use for their larger war machines. They were waging a war against the Brain Eaters. The Duergar leaders decided to align with the Machines and began providing them magmium. But some noticed that once the Machines arrived, their goddess, Muerath, began to fade. Her presence went further away and the powerful Duergar priests could no longer call upon her powers.

Some Duergar began to rebel against working for the machines, but the monarchy did not listen to the workers and there was a great civil war. Many Duergar died, but the Machines and their allies won. The companions promised to help with the machines and were shown blueprints of what the machines looked like, as well as given access to several treasures contained in a locked chest…

Bard! Poet! Lover...

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Maggie and Nolofinwe sought an exit from the abandoned mine in Burran in order to flee the falling city when a giant spider suddenly appeared between Arien and Maggie. The spider’s fangs impaled Maggie and injected its venom, killing their rogue friend. The companions attacked the creature, but as quickly as it appeared, it again turned invisible. Frustrated, Roman slammed the door to the room he was in to sulk.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the heroes of Burran, a figure watched from the shadows. The wily observer tried to cast a spell on the invisible spider that would show its location. Unfortunately, the ploy didn’t work, so he cast invisibility on himself to get closer to the action without causing notice. The spider soon reappeared to drag Maggie’s body away, but the heroes sprung to action. Roman jumped on the creature, grappling it. Before the arachnid could get away, it was destroyed. Roman immediately set about removing the creature’s fangs and poison glands while Arien removed Maggie’s valuables.

Burran began to ominously tremble as a half-drow appeared from the shadows. Before the group could react to the sudden appearance, the stranger mentioned he knew Skye and Nolofinwe confirmed he had seen the half-drow perform at the Bowling Boulder. To Roman’s immense satisfaction, the bard even claimed to know the way out of the abandoned mine, as well as a way to Massar.

The interloper then introduced himself as “Varen Amakiir. Bard! Poet! Lover…” He then winked at Arien and said, “At your service!” before performing an overdramatic bow…

Goodbye Burran

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen continued their escape from the falling city of Burran. Arien insisted on burning the body of Maggie before Varen led them to the exit. A small creature wielding a scythe and shod in iron boots tried to kick Varen to the ground, and another lashed out with its wicked weapon. The rest of the companions rushed to battle, but Arien was kicked down and viciously attacked. Varen used is magic to turn one of the creature’s boots red hot. One small psycho was soon killed, but Roman cut off the thumbs of the other and decided to take him captive. They followed Varen down the tunnel which ended in a 100 foot drop to the Black Lake below. Burran was burning and trembling as residents swam away. Insect like crabs emerged to drag some of them into the water.

Frustrated at their lack of an escape route, Roman threatened to throw Varen off the ledge. Varen taunted Roman to comply with his threat. As Roman tossed Varen over, the bard cast a Feather Fall spell on his new companions and floated gently below. Roman then jumped, followed by Nolofinwe. Arien stood undecided when Vermelda suddenly appeared. She claimed she wanted to speak with Arien, but when she began casting magic missile, Arien quickly decided to jump.

Once in the water, Varen led them to a far shore where they came under attack by a Chuul. The creature grabbed Roman, paralyzed him and began dragging him into the water. Nolofinwe conjured four crocodiles around the creature, which clamped on and wrestled the creature back to shore. Varen cast fireball to finish off the beast and the companions breathed a sigh of relief on the shore.

Even though it was still early in the day, the companions decided to take a much-needed rest. Varen created an impenetrable dome for them all to sleep in. In the evening, they emerged, refreshed, and entered the caverns of Xymor, leaving behind the fallen city of Burran…

Eat the Children

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen began trekking through he caverns of Xymor on their way to the rumored Yuan-Ti settlement of Massar. As they travelled through the night, they came upon a group of Burran refugees led by Botch Solidstance. The refugees were lost and desperate for help. After much deliberation and despite Varen’s suggestion to take them to his home settlement of Hactuan, it was decided that the refugees would go with the Heroes of Burran to Massar. During the night, a horrible dream plagued Arien. She worried that Vermelda was near, but close inspection showed nothing.

The next day, they stumbled upon an underground gas leak that exploded, knocking down a young boy under their care. Nolofinwe created a magical wall of wind to keep the noxious poison at bay. Roman pulled the boy away from the explosion and another refugee offered to help the child. But as the man spoke some strange words, a magical darkness descended. Nolofinwe was able to dissipate the spell and Roman immediately attacked the gruff man. Roman noticed the man’s teeth had sharpened as he morphed into a hyena-like humanoid. The beast turned and regurgitated a vile substance on the boy and killed a female refugee nearby.

Roman wrestled with the creature and forced it onto the gas leak as Varen forced the beast to confront its greatest fears. Helpless, the foul creature was no match for the heroes and was finally slain by a magic missile shot from Arien’s wand…

Going Home

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen kept navigating through the caverns on their way to the rumored Yuan-Ti settlement of Massar. During their travels, vile nightmares plagued Arien, causing her to wake every morning weaker and weaker. She suspected Vermelda caused her suffering, but despite Nolifinwe’s attempts, there was little anybody could do against the hag. Being experienced in wandering unknown areas, Nolofinwe noticed they were no longer heading south toward Massar. Varen confessed to actually leading them to his home of Hactuan to bring the Burran refugees to safety. Enraged at the betrayal, Roman swung at Varen, but barely missed. An intense argument followed, with Arien and Nolofinwe attempting to keep the group from falling into turmoil. All agreed that Varen betrayed the group, but concluded he acted in their best interest, with the exception of Roman who harbored doubts and anger toward the half-drow.

During the night, Roman was visited by Vermelda. She offered him freedom from Xymor in exchange for Arien’s gem. Roman seemed to agree and Vermelda promised to return once the gem was secure before disappearing again. The next day Roman talked with Arien using the silent Lover’s Language they developed during their enslavement in the magmium mines. He wondered if Arien could remove her magic gem without hurting herself, but unfortunately, she feared removal of the gem would cause her death. Since Vermelda was watching, Roman had Arien slap him and then he punched her in the face. Not privy to the ruse, Varen became greatly agitated and tried to intervene by casting a spell on Roman. The spell failed and Roman stomped away as Arien assured Varen that all was well.

They continued their tense journey to Hactuan. Upon arrival at the settlement’s opening, Varen grew concerned by the absence of a guard. He had everybody stay back as he turned invisible to investigate. He heard an old voice calling out for help and noticed several dead bodies, so he ran in a panic to his own home. There he discovered the body of one of his mothers… Nyx. Desperate with grief, he went back to the group and pleaded for them to help him despite past quarrels.

They agreed to help. Roman marched in with the others following. Arien used her magic to give Roman additional speed in battle as four huge hoofed badger dogs emerged from hovel entrances…

Home is Where the Hag Is

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen fought the leucrotta that feasted on the dead bodies of the Hactuan residents. Arien and Varen both lobbed fireballs in the middle of the beasts to singe their hides and Nolofinwe increased the growth of the lichens and fungi in the area to hamper their escape. Roman sliced through the creatures with his glaive and they all eventually succumbed to sword and spell.

As the rest of the group examined the dead settlement for clues as to what happened, Roman used his powers to speak with a small spider. The arachnid told him that Duergar slavers had taken most of the residents away and slaughtered the others. The leucrotta arrived later to make an easy meal of the dead. Roman called his companions to a Hactuan hovel and drank a potion of etherealness to see if Vermelda lurked near. Satisfied that she wasn’t, he told them what the spider said. Varen immediately determined that he was going to find the slavers to save his mother. But Roman convinced the bard to help the group get rid of Vermelda first.

The plan was for Roman to act like he killed Nolofinwe and Arien, then bring the supposedly dead body to the hag. Nolofinwe would cast a spell on Arien to make the ruse more realistic. Then, they would use their remaining potion of etherealness and Nolofinwe’s magic to prevent the witch from escaping and kill her. Varen agreed to help in the endeavor and then took to the task of carrying out funeral rites for Nyx. He played a personal funeral tune for her and when the others left to their hovels, he spoke solemnly over the dying embers of her body.

During the night, Arien was again plagued by Vermelda’s nightmares and woke the next morning even weaker than before. During the day, Vermelda appeared to Roman demanding he soon retrieve the gem for her. He agreed, but she warned him that she was always watching before fading again into the ether.

That night, they discussed the final touches of their plan. Nolofinwe cast feign death on Arien before taking his watch. Soon, Roman snuck up behind Nolofinwe and pretended to break his neck. The druid fell to the ground in an overly dramatic manner. But unbeknownst to everybody, Vermelda emerged from the ether right next to the alone and helpless Arien…

Fog of Dispair

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen tried to carry out their plan to catch the ever elusive Vermelda. With Arien left alone and in a debilitated state, the witch appeared and attempted to claw out the half-dow’s magical gem. Arien struggled to get up and blindly flee while screaming for help. Roman, Nolofinwe and Varen rushed in to attack, but the witch managed to once again slip into the ether. Nolofinwe drank their last potion of etherealness to track Vermelda. He spotted the hag as she moved into the rocks below. The druid cast dispel magic on her and she sprung from the rock, hurt and in corporeal form. Roman tangled with the witch and brought her to the ground as Varen’s hideous laughter spell failed to take hold.

Vermelda quickly entered the ethereal plane again, slipping from Roman’s grasp, but Nolofinwe was still in the ether. She tried to flee, telling Nolofinwe that he should help her in her quest instead of hinder her. Instead of taking the witch’s bargain, Nolofinwe tried drowning her in a tidal wave. Enraged, Vermelda pummeled the elf with magic missiles as she fled.

Nolofinwe reported to the others that Vermelda had escaped causing a fog of despair to grip the group. The companions grew angry and frustrated at the lack of options and Roman insisted that Arien was good as dead. Botch tried to encourage the companions, calling them heroes, but Roman admitted they weren’t. He confessed that they actually didn’t help Burran and were in fact the cause of the blaze in Burran. Even Arien scolded the dwarf as he solemnly left the group.

Roman tried questioning Dirt to see if his strange obsession with Morgath could be of use. With threats from both Roman and Varen, the pitiful man agreed to try to contact his master somehow. Varen cast Tiny Hut to block Dirt’s door and they all kept watch over Arien in shifts. During Nolo’s shift, he saw Roman suddenly call out and wake in a panic. As the wisps of his nightmare faded, Roman heard the witch cackle… “You will pay for breaking the bargain, oaf…”

A Bloody Message of Hope

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen rose from their night’s rest. While Arien had uninterrupted sleep and regained her full magical abilities, she still felt in a weakened state. However, the nightmare Vermelda inflicted on Roman left the barbarian unrested and more glum than ever. As the others shook off their sleep, Arien went to check on Dirt. To her horror, the scrawny human was dead with his wrists slit. Written on the wall in his blood was a map with two words: “Crystal” and “Beware”.

After some debate, the companions decided to follow the map, hoping that Morgath had a hand in Dirt’s artwork. Varen led them through the small tunnels and after a few slips, they eventually made it to their destination. A red glow emitted from a small tunnel heading straight down. Varen used his powers to become invisible and climbed down into the chamber below. Inside, a huge glowing red crystal jutted from the rocky floor. Varen hid to await any movement in the chamber after seeing something scurry in the shadows. Meanwhile, Arien also turned invisible, then drank a potion of gaseous form to float into the chamber as Nolofinwe and Roman waited behind.

In the chamber, several small gopher-like creatures appeared from side tunnels and took up guard next to the crystal. Varen threw a rock at the crystal, causing the creatures to emit loud whistles and chittering. Meanwhile, Nolofinwe and Roman started making their way into the cavern. Nolo hung from the tunnel at the roof of the chamber when the gopher creatures began to attack. With Varen and Arien invisible, they focused their slings on Nolofinwe, nearly killing him before he managed to scramble back up the tunnel.

Roman used his magical goblin intestine rope to climb down into the cavern. He flew into a rage and swung his glaive in a wide arc to kill two of the creatures and Varen cast fireball to singe a group of them. He leaned against the crystal as the gophers turned to attack him. The chamber filled with bright red light and Varen felt fully healed. Arien returned to corporeal form and came under immediate vicious assault. She was barely conscious when Varen told her to touch the crystal. She made it to the magical mineral and laid her hand upon it.

The chamber again filled with bright red light and she found that not only were her current wounds healed, but the weakness caused by Vermelda’s previous nightmares had lifted…

To the Rescue

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen continued their battle against the small gopher-like humanoids that guarded a magical red crystal. As more of the determined and fierce creatures emerged from the tunnels into the cavern, Varen turned invisible to flee. However, the gophers managed to thwart his escape, nearly killing him. Nolofinwe used his healing magic from his hiding space to revive the bard, but the little brutes simply cut down Varen again. Roman, frustrated with the whole experience, scooped up Varen as the gophers assaulted him.

Arien, now invisible and climbing the rope to exit the cavern, urged Roman to touch the crystal in order to heal himself. Roman refused the advice and made his way up the rope with the unconscious Varen in tow. Despair gripped Roman as he drew ever more attacks from the vile rodents and thought about the loss of Dirt, his one key to finding the Black Witch. He thought about letting go of the rope and succumbing to the void, but his responsibility to saving Varen overcame the darkness and he managed to escape the red crystal cave alive with his companions. Before leaving, Nolofinwe tapped into the power of nature to create vines that sealed the tunnel to any intruders.

Back at Hactuan, the heroes took a much-needed rest, but Roman was once again plagued by horrible nightmares and visions courtesy of Vermelda. They woke the next morning to hear commotion from the fungi forest. Several Hactuan residents had returned to the village after escaping from Duergar slavers. The slave caravan had come under attack by strange insectoids. The creatures killed the Duergar and some of the villagers, but took most of the slaves away, including Shanna. Varen asked his new comrades if they would help him rescue his captured mother. They agreed to support his endeavor and prepared to depart with Kymorel leading the way.

Roman discovered a parchment on the ground and perused the contents. It belonged to Varen and the barbarian threw the writing back to the half-drow with obvious distaste over what he read. They headed out and tracked the survivors to a series of tunnels. The trail soon led them to a small chamber occupied by a giant ant…

Ants in Your Pants

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen entered a giant ant hive in search of Shanna, Varen’s missing mother. Nolofinwe used his power over beasts to communicate with one of the giant ants, but it insisted they leave. When Arien began casting a spell, the insect attacked. The hive awoke to the intruders and an additional giant ant and swarm of smaller ants took to defense. The swarm engulfed Nolofinwe and the giant ant grabbed him in its mandibles. Varen used his unique gifts to scare the ant away, but the creature brought Nolofinwe with it. Roman grappled the ant, but it viciously stung him, nearly killing the weakened barbarian. Arien cast her magic from afar to destroy the pests as Varen jumped on the giant ant’s back. Eventually, the insects were terminated and Nolofinwe rescued from a painful death.

Exhausted and terribly wounded, Roman suggested that the companions leave the hive and go back to the red crystal cavern for healing. However, Varen insisted on going forward to save his mother. The two stubborn men came to a tense impasse, nearly tearing the group apart. But Arien eventually convinced Varen that it was in his best interest to have a healthy Roman. Without Roman, any effort to save Shanna would fail.

On the way back to Hactuan, they passed through the cavern where Shanna and the other residents were stolen from the Duergar. Roman carefully inspected the area and concluded that maybe the insectoids actually just wanted to kill the Duergar and not the slaves. This gave him hope that Shanna was still alive. Arien suggested that the insectoids were controlled by something else since Varen’s previous contacts with them had been peaceful.

During the night, Varen was visited by Vermelda. The hag tried to bargain with the bard. In exchange for Arien’s Gem of Power, Vermelda would provide Varen and his mother a way out of Xymor. Varen tried to negotiate, but the hag quickly reentered the ethereal plane.

During his watch, Nolofinwe noticed Roman mumbling and tossing in his sleep. The druid woke his friend from slumber, negating the hag’s nightmare effect and allowing Roman to get a full night’s rest…


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