DESTROYED when Xymor exploded.

A large settlement in Xymor. One of the captured White Dragon Cultists claimed he was from this town. The companions also found a map to the area.

An immense ancient mushroom that grew from the middle of Black Lake and has been petrified. Its cap extends hundreds of feet. Lights dot the hardened fungi, providing dim luminescence around it. You see that many areas of the trunk have been carved out into streets and terraces spiraling up. However, most of the lights are toward the top of the mushroom and underneath the cap. It is in a cavern so large, you can’t even begin to determine how wide it is, nor how high the vault extends. Blind cave fish in Black Lake. It’s dangerous with the Kuo-Toa, chuuls and other creatures that lurk in the lake. But the fish fetch a great price in the city. The bottom portions are home to the undesirables. Thieves, evil drow, duergar outcasts, thugs and strange beasts roam the lower levels with are blockaded from the upper levels. Huge chains with platforms are lowered to the lake surface from the underside of the cap to raise people up and down from waiting skiffs. There are only two skiffs that run between three shores. The wait can take a while. The journey can be dangerous and the skiff pilots charge at least 100 GP to ferry passengers. The place is filled with ruined temples. Castles, towers, tombs, manors, terraces, and great halls. Most are now empty as what was once an ancient stronghold of some sort is now mostly empty as there are only about 2,000 people here. Most congregate in the crowded wards in the cap as many of the larger habitations are supposedly haunted. Visitors have to enter up the platforms and through the Chain Gate where they are inspected and taxed before getting inside. Most inhabitants here are dwarves and halflings, but all are welcome. Rumor is that there is a sicness spreading through the place.

Came under attack by dark forces after Sollene appeared as a witch.

Caught fire and has fallen to evil forces. Group and residents fled.


Xymor Sebos