Gopher like creatures that guard the Red Crystal Cavern with tooth, claw and sling. Fiercely defends the crystal against any perceived invasion. Communicate with chittering and whistles. Overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers.

Use the red crystal for reincarnation ceremony…

“In room, there are easily more than 300 gopher people crammed in there. They are all facing the crystal, that glows brightly red. Inside the rock formations are dead gophers. Standing next to each one is another gopher. A red flare slowly encompasses those around the circle. The ones standing begin grimacing in pain. Their bodies begin contorting in obvious discomfort. Soon, one after another, a pink tumor grows out of their stomach. They writhe in pain, clutching their tumors until they all soon fall off and into their waiting paws. The red light of the crystal begins to recede and you note that each of the tumors seems to be moving. They are small pink burrowling pups. The dead burrowlings next to the crystal are nothing but desiccated bones and flesh that look like they have been aged for decades or more. They gophers next to the crystal shuffle away into the crown and seem to be escorted into different tunnels. Several other gophers quickly clean up the remains of the dead and soon all that’s left in the chamber are four burrowlings, once again standing vigil next to the red crystal.”

Group tried to talk with them and propose becoming allies with Hactuan. They offered food and blankets. As negotiations commenced, Vermelda appeared. The group attacked her and she touched the gem which caused the Burrowlings to attack all of them.

Call themselves the Coterie of Rog.


Xymor Sebos