Flint comes from the subterranean dwarven city of Anderkrag, where he spent most of his life working as a member of the city watch, the defenders and peacekeepers of the city. Although not a dwarf of notable significance, he garnered a lot of attention around Anderkrag for being one of the rare and fabled Stone Dwarves, being a sorcerer with a great affinity for the earth. As magic isn’t a very common thing for his people, almost everyone learned his name in one way or another.

During a particularly massive goblin attack on Anderkrag, led by vicious hobgoblin generals, Flint led the city in a remarkable defense to repel the invasion and save thousands of lives. As a reward for his heroic deeds, the council elders gifted him with the Belt of Stone’s Might, which had been worn by another Stone Dwarf, the previous hero of their city two centuries before. Flint has worn the belt ever since.

While on a mission of great importance to escort the son of a council member to another city, Flint and his party came under attack by a swarm of dueregar, and although he fought valiantly enough to give his companions time to escape, he was soundly knocked out and taken captive. When he awoke, he was in a strange, otherworldly cave system he learned to be called Xymor. After escaping his captivity, he traveled Xymor in search of a way home. Forty years later, he’s still searching.

While exploring, he came upon a red glow in a tunnel. As he crawled toward the glow, an earthquake struck, trapping him under rubble. Two days later, he was rescued by Arien, Nolofinwe and Craven. He agreed to go with them to the Red Crystal Cavern. He also explained to them that he had come upon a hag hovel under Black Lake.

His brother was killed by Yaun-ti


Xymor Sebos