The nameplate on a statue in Burran. The group, along with Targo, killed gnolls that were desecrating it.

Statue of a vaguely female form wearing a simple gown. 12 feet high. Her arms are extended from her sides. In her left sits a skeleton, in the right a sleeping baby. Upon closer inspection, her carved face is gaunt and her eyes are holes that have intricate latticework of worms crawling out of them like tears. She is covered in filth and excrement. Muerath – Watcher of the Dark Crossing.

Once the gnolls were defeated a mist and a chill comes over them, a chill that you feel could kill you, from the inside out. But it is strangely comforting to you, as if you are resigned to the fact that this is the end of your life and that beyond the chill is peace. Then as suddenly as the feeling started, it passes and you each feel a strong magical presence in your possession.

They gained:

Appeared to Roman as he died. Her visage morphed into that of Raven Kahn.


Xymor Sebos