Name: Nolofinwe Tasartir Race: Wood Elf Class: Druid
Age: 414 Height: 5’ 2" Weight: 120 lbs

Hair Style: Middle Back Length w/ Twin Yellow Hawk Feathers tied in the ends

Hair Color: Dark Brown w/ Streaks of Grey

Eye Color: Deep Forest Green

Skin Color: Copperish w/ Flecks of Green

Distinguishing Characteristic: Tattoo of a large oak tree along left side from waist up to neck

Hundreds of years ago, I spent my younger years tending the forest with my family. My father, Angrod, was a well respected elder of our clan. Most of the others regarded him as the lead druid of the forest for his wisdom and understanding of its very nature. I learned a lot from my father, such as how to animals interacted with the world. As well as the balance of nature and what it means to keep this in check.

It was about 200 years ago that I had reached the appropriate age to face the trials of druidic passage. These rigorous tests of ones true understanding of the balance of nature were set up in eight different tasks. To complete these tasks, it usually took an entire human lifespan. For me, it only took the span of 50 years to accomplish the final task to become a keeper of the forest.

Once I had completed the trials, my father and the other clan leaders bestowed upon me a sacred staff in which I could keep the balance of nature within. This staff, imbued with sacred nature magic, allowed me to control and handle the delicate balance within nature itself. I was finally a true druid of the forest.

Over the next 150 years, I spent my time tending to the forest that I was raised in and enjoying the company of my elven wife Luthien and our daughter Eamane. We lived a relatively peaceful life during this time. Such is the life of a clan of wood elves, and we enjoy every moment of our seclusion.

It was about a year ago when the tragedy happened. Screams pierced the midnight air as we meditated in our tree hut. Staggering to my feet, I glanced at Luthien and then grabbed my staff and headed out of the hut. Immediately I was met with a heat so unbelievably intense that I was forced back into the hut. Regaining my composure after that terrible sight I quickly gathered my wife and daughter and we headed out the back entrance to our hut. We managed our way to the base of the tree relatively unnoticed. About twenty feet from the base of our tree I felt a searing pain coming from the back of my head. I immediately fell to my knees from the agonizing headache that ensued. The last images that burned into my long lasting memory were that of my wife being run through by a horrid looking creature, as well as, my daughter being dragged off by another of these beasts by her long flowing hair. My last words before I lost consciousness were, “Eamane, I will find…”

I woke up some time later in an unknown mine shaft covered in dust and ash. Frantically I bolted to my feet searching wide eyed for any indication of my daughter or people from my clan. The faces I saw were unfamiliar, in fact completely foreign to me. Being secluded in the forest for all of my years, I had really never had many interactions with the other races of the world. After asking a group of halflings where we are and whats going on, my answer was met with a loud voice from above. Looking above I immediately recognized the captor of my daughter as the hobgoblin whose voice echoed commands down to us. I will create balance for what these creatures have done to my people and more importantly, I must find my daughter…

Worry for daughter’s safety
Anger for wife’s murder
Fear for my forest and clan
Escape the mines
Find out what happened to my daughter
Seek balance for wife’s death

Killed by Duergar in Shukalgau during massive assault on the city.


Xymor Sebos