Player Information

As an escaped slave, your knowledge of Xymor extends very little beyond the magmium mines of Orran’s Pits. There is never any sunlight or fresh air. The magmium’s radiant heat creates stifling hot conditions in the mines. But further away from the working mines, the temperature drops rapidly and the caves begin to drip moisture.

After your escape, you did manage to find the rumored cavern settlement of Trodden. It was there you learned that Xymor consisted of numerous mines run by millions of slaves. In fact, Xymor is a vast underground world with mighty kingdoms, ancient ruins and an endless network of caves and tunnels. And nobody has ever been to the surface.

At the first session, your characters will be travelling through the caverns of Xymor having left Trodden behind in fear of Orran hunting you.

Classes, Races, Alignment
There are no restrictions on which classes and races you can play. I also don’t have any foreseeable restrictions on backgrounds, themes, etc. as far as mechanics are concerned.

However, I reserve the right to ask you to come up with a plausible character history or narrative if what you choose doesn’t fit neatly into the setting.

In this setting, there are no known Gods that readily answer prayers. Any deities are local or personal. So, divine characters need special attention.

As far as alignment goes, no chaotic evil characters will be allowed. Group cooperation will be necessary.

Character History
I would a like a history from each character. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. This should probably be a very collaborative effort between the players, since you all will be starting out already as a group.

Since you are starting out as an escaped slave in an unknown area, there are certain requirements that character histories must resolve. Your character must have been captured at some point by duergar and knocked unconscious only to wake as a slave in the mines.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Perhaps, you come from an area that has harsh infractions for crimes. People that are imprisoned are often never seen from again. Or maybe you were a peasant or some member of an underclass. Somehow or the other, you were imprisoned by the authorities. Or you could have been caught up in a net where the city was trying to clean the area of the unwashed.

You can come up with where you are from and what you were captured for. This area can be as detailed or sketchy as you want.

In addition, you all could be from totally different areas, and imprisoned in totally different prisons. Your experiences during this part of your lives do not have to cross in any way shape or form. Or they could. It’s up to you. You can detail the geography, climate or inhabitants of your home area in any way that you want. With the one exception that there are no Gods that answer prayers. People may still believe in gods and practice a religion, but gods have never been known to really interfere with the mortal world.

What’s important is that you were somehow imprisoned.

However, for each of you, sometime during your imprisonment, creatures that looked like dwarves with ashen grey skin and white beards (duergar) entered the prisons, and with the aid of the guards who held you ushered you into prison carts. Or perhaps these creatures could have gotten to you directly and captured you into a cart. If so, come up with a way where they capture you with a group of people and they do it in a secret manner unknown to the population at large.

The carts travelled for days and you were not fed. Many died. When the carts eventually stopped you were fed tasty bread and refreshing water which promptly knocked you out.

When you woke, you found yourself in a slave collar and began your life as a slave in a deep underground ore mine. You could have been a miner, drove a mining cart, used explosives or alchemy, prepared food and meals, built infrastructure for the mine, kept lights lit, sorted ore, worked the forges or whatever other job you come up with. But you were grunts. These were huge mines with thousands upon thousands of slaves in gigantic caverns and tunnels.

If you didn’t meet in your previous lives, this is where you all finally meet and you develop your bonds deeper while working in the mines. Over time, you all decided on a plan to escape and you succeeded. There were persistent rumors among the miners about a settlement of free people called Trodden. You headed in that direction and did eventually find the settlement.

You were able to get equipment and food you needed, but while these people were content to live out their lives here, you all have some sort of need to carry on…

When creating your character, think about what they want. What drives them to go forward in such a hostile world? What do they hope to gain and why?

Mundane Items
Characters will start with the standard allotment of funds for equipment. This equipment would most likely have come from Trodden and is of low quality.

Magic Items
As far as you know, magic items are unheard of in Xymor except as legend.

However, your characters will receive some magic items as the game progresses, and I encourage you to tell me what sort of items you would like to have. But items will be found rarely and usually be spectacular items with multiple powers.

Player Information

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