Pouch of Arcano

A pouch carried by Jax Newlife. A small black leather pouch, no bigger than the size of a large fist. On the cover is carefully stitched in gold thread… an image of a humanoid in black wearing a skull mask crowned with a pair of stag antlers.

Mortimer picked over Jax’s body. He found the necromancer’s wand of magic missiles, two bone darts and a pouch stitched with an image of a humanoid wearing stag antlers. The image resembled Arcano, a creature that Mortimer saw in his dreams when he first acquired his own magic powers.

Mortimer opened the pouch and pitch black smoke poured forth with ethereal claws to surround him. Maggie tried to knock Mortimer away, but found herself under attack. Arien cast magic missiles at the claws, causing some to dissipate, but it did not help much. Roman attempted to chop off Mortimer’s hands, but only managed to knock the pouch away. And still the smoke poured out, targeting Mortimer. Maggie tried to stab the pouch, but was again attacked. Arien blasted it with firebolt causing the pouch to close, but only after in consumed the smoke, the claws and Mortimer himself."

Roman now has the pouch.

Pouch of Arcano

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