PRESUMED DEAD when Xymor exploded.

One of Varen’s two mothers. Biological mother. Drow. 227 years old.

Varen and group saved her from the Ant Hive, but Vermelda took her right pinkie finger. She was rescued and gave Varen a magical brooch from Nyx.

Came to Xymor after she was captured from the Underdark (if that’s a thing here, otherwise wherever Drow would normally come from) and escaped with others to form their own settlement. Met a human man named Heidrik and had a thing with him, from which Varen was conceived. Heidrik was captured again shortly after and Shanna never saw him again. After Varen was born, she raised him in Hactuan. She’s very kind and sincere, and welcoming of others who need help. She was doting and loving to Varen, although maybe a little too much as she tended to spoil him. She hates that Varen wanders around Xymor now, but understands why he does it (to find a way to the surface, ultimately), and so accepts that it’s something he has to do. Always looks forward to his visits.


Xymor Sebos