Varen was born in a small settlement of Xymor, predominately drow but consisting of other various races as well. His biological mother, Shanna, is a drow, and from what he was told his father was human. He didn’t grow up knowing his father, however, as his father was taken as a slave somewhere deep in the mines of Xymor before Varen was even born. Growing up, he was taken care of by two mothers, the second being Shanna’s second love: Nyx, a tiefling woman and escaped slave. While Shanna was the typical doting, loving mother who tended to spoil Varen, Nyx kept him in line with a more tough love approach, and tended to be the one who handed out discipline when he misbehaved. After reaching adulthood, Varen set out from his home settlement to explore the rest of Xymor and potentially discover a way to the surface, which apparently, no one has done before. If he can find the surface, he could potentially find a safer place to live for his mothers, as their settlement has been the occasional target of slaver raids. Varen himself has had to learn how to protect himself during his travels, to avoid slavers and hostile creatures. Even so, he largely prefers entertaining the common folk wherever he travels, finding joy in bringing laughter and smiles to others, although in doing so he tends to think of himself and his talent as a gift to the world. He has also got himself into quite a bit of trouble before when it comes to flirting with potential partners, on more than one occasion seducing married individuals. On a good day, he’ll seduce the whole couple. On a bad day, he’ll end up thrown out on the street with a black eye.

Being a Xymor native, Varen knows his way around, particularly through old mining tunnels he uses as a means to shortcut himself around the caverns. He knows of several significant settlements in Xymor, including a large Yuan-ti settlement named Massar. Most recently, he has come to Burran, where he stayed for a time at the Bowling Boulder, performing each night to pay for his room and board. During his time in Burran, he came to be good friends with Skye, a local dancer whom he would perform with. There were times he considered putting the moves on Skye, but her abnormally creepy husband Morgath Gravesend prevented him from taking that plunge. He also heard of a group come to Burran who had dealings with the mayor and town guard in routing a local thieve’s den, and has already been hard at work coming up with ballads to tell of their tales. His work had to be put on hold, however, when the town came under attack. Amidst the chaos, Varen fled for his own safety, after losing contact with his friends.

He still makes visits home to catch up with his mothers, which often leads to stern scoldings for some of his more… inappropriate actions. How do they know about his transgressions? Well, he is a bard after all. He just has to tell a good story.

Decided to stay in Hactuan to protect Shanna and the other residents from Vermelda and other dangers.


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