You Awaken…

A large hobgoblin steps upon the precipice and looks down into the pit where you huddle with at least 500 hundred other beings. Several ashen dwarves like the ones that dragged you from your home flank him. They hold twisted black rods with red glowing tips.

You recognize many of the races in the dim blue light of pit. There are humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, orcs and more. Some of the creatures among these you don’t recognize at all from your travels. There’s a large creature that looks like a bear, but stands on two legs. Another hunches over with skin that looks like granite and teeth of rocks. And yet another tall green creature that seems to crackle with lightning.

But you all now have at least three things in common. First, all of you wear the same bewildered look of being recently awoken in this place. Second, all of you have an iron collar around your neck fastened with a red glowing clasp. And finally, you all remain silent because those that spoke before did not make it this far without being brutally maimed or killed.

The hobgoblin raises his voice and it echoes through the large cavern…

“Forget your homeland. You will never taste its air again. Forget the faces you knew. You will never lay eyes on them again. Forget your name. You will never hear it uttered again. Forget about pleasure. For if you are lucky and do as you’re told, you will feel emptiness. If not, you will only feel pain. Know this. You are now my property. You are nothing but tools for me to use to rip this from the ground…”

The hobgoblin holds aloft a black rock creased with orange glowing veins.

“Magmium. It’s the only thing you live for now. It’s your reason for existence. If you aren’t an effective tool for mining magmium, then I will cast your life away like the worthless garbage it is. You do as my foremen and I say. That’s it and nothing more. You work when we say work, you sleep when we say sleep, you eat when we say eat, and you shit when we say shit.

“And give up any hope that you will ever leave these mines. Your collars cannot be removed and with them we can locate and kill you in an instant. And even if you did manage to get away, there is nothing beyond these caverns but death. Nobody has ever escaped these mines alive. Nobody! Believe this, you will for sure not be the first to do so.

“The best you can hope for now in your miserable life is to work hard and perhaps you will be promoted to a job in the upper chamber. But that’s a distant hope and reserved only for the hardest working among you.

“There you have it. You will be given your assignments and sent straight to the mines to begin work. Anybody who doesn’t like it is free to bash their heads against the rocks until they die. Everybody else… welcome to Xymor.”