A Hero Falls

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen battled against ferocious insectoid creatures that commanded a giant Ant Hive within Xymor. The creatures frustrated Roman, who consistently missed with his glaive as the ant men clawed and poisoned him. Varen, who transformed into a Drakon using his bardic powers, flew over to an altar where Shanna bled to death at the hands of another insectoid. Nolofinwe used his healing magic to keep Roman from succumbing to his battle wounds and created a flaming sphere to burn the creatures. Arien avoided a trapped tunnel by teleporting into the chamber and created acidic orbs to melt the insectoids.

However, a buzzing sound from a pit in the room intensified, eventually causing Varen to lose concentration of his spell and make spell casting nearly impossible for the rest of the companions. A giant swarm of flying ants erupted from the pit to engulf Varen and Shanna. The bard was able to keep his mother from dying, create a zone of silence against the distracting noise and drag his mother to safety as the swarm headed to other victims.

Roman exacted his vengeance on the insectoids that battled him with help from Arien and Nolofinwe, but his attention turned to a growling noise from the pit. A giant creature with four arms, two of them ending in sharp clawed pinchers, burst from the pit. Its evil roar intended to confuse its prey. Roman, Arien and Nolofinwe focused their attacks on the beast as Varen tried to take Roman’s magical rope to escape the area. Arien’s bolts of lightning and acid blasted the creature and Nolofinwe conjured swarms of bats to help in the fray. But the foul beast punched Roman in the face, then grabbed him in its pinchers. Roman loosened his belt and doffed his magical cloak before grappling the monstrosity and plunging both of them down into the pit.

Both combatants roared in battle as they fell into the blackness…



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