Destiny Fulfilled

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Nolofinwe and Varen continued battling the creatures in the Ant Hive where they tried to rescue Shanna from capture. Roman plummeted down a pit embroiled in a fierce battle with a giant pincer fiend. Nolofinwe sent his conjured bats to try and rescue the barbarian, but the weak creatures could not free him. Back up in the chamber, Vermelda appeared and tried to rip Arien’s gem from her throat. The sorceress managed to escape Vermelda’s attacks, and Nolofinwe used his magic to trap the hag, giving the rest of the group time to escape the chamber. They all raced through the tunnels of the ant hive for the exit.

Meanwhile, Roman woke in the pincer fiend’s den. The foul beast was ripping his clothes off, preparing to feast upon his flesh. Roman once again fought for his life against the ravenous foe. But his rage and will was not enough to defeat the creature. As he slipped toward death, he saw the face of Muerath which morphed into that of Raven Kahn. She assured him that he had fulfilled his destiny to save his friends… and then all turned black.

As the rest of the group fled the ant hive, Vermelda appeared in front of Arien, blocking her escape. The witch seemed enraged with hate and desperately clawed at Arien. Varen mocked her, Nolofinwe burned her and Arien melted her with acid. She cursed them all before again fleeing into the ethereal realm.

The ragged group moved further from danger before taking a much-needed rest and despaired over the missing Roman. Shanna told Varen that the prisoners were used as food for the pincer fiend. She also gave him a magical brooch from Nyx that she kept hidden in her anus during capture.

In return, Varen gave her Nyx’s golden bracelet and then held is mother as she wept…



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