Journey to Burran

Long into the future, in a land far, far away…

Roman, Arien, Mortimer and Maggie climbed the icy cavern walls outside the lair of the White Dragon Cultists in Xymor. They easily made it to the sloping passageway above along with their hog-tied cultist captive. Roman once again gruffly interrogated the cultist about where they were going and why they had to leave the way they came. Somewhat satisfied with the answers, they gagged and bound the cultist again and allowed him to lead them on through Xymor to Burran.

A distant bellow from a Duergar hunting horn did not bode well as the group squeezed through small crevasses, crawled through low passages and eventually made it to a cavern with a pool at one end. The cultist indicated that they had to swim through the pool to a submerged opening five feet down to get to through the area. As they began to prepare for the swim, the ground trembled and a large insectoid ankheg burst from the ground. It managed to spit acid on Arien before the group wounded the creature enough to cause it to flee.

However, commotion from the battle disturbed a flock of stirges roosting in another part of the caveā€¦



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