Carsa Stonefellow

PRESUMED DEAD when Xymor exploded.

Female halfling and brother of Krik Stonefellow. Recently announced as the daughter of Gargen Stonefellow. Captured by group. Group gave her to Morgath Gravesend in exchange for his help and shelter.

Upon questioning she told the group:

She was a petty thief based in Dark Corner. Along with Krik Stonefellow, she worked a bit with Rylos Goan and would help him train some of the orphans in petty thievery. But one day Goan introduced them to Cyro, a Satyr. He wanted them to increase their thievery, but especially for gems and jewels. In return, they would be in charge of Burran by becoming the mayor Gargen Stonefellow’s children. They refused thinking it strange. Cyro said he was an emissary for a dark entity called Vermelda. She would be displeased if they refused. They refused anyway. Then they started having horrible dreams of being eaten by giant rat creatures. They would wake up feeling like they were under attack and have bite marks, but nobody was there. The dreams always ended with a cracked whispering voice saying, “Obey Vermelda and change your fate.” After a week of no sleep and torture, they went to the orphanage, met with Goan and Cyro and signed on. The dreams immediately stopped. They went with Goan to the house and were welcomed by Stonefellow as his children to their surprise. Cyro was right that he would be accepting. They used house as storage to sort some of the stuff, then they would transport it to the orphanage where they would lower it into the pit in the Burran Orphanage per Cyro’s command.

Carsa Stonefellow

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