Gargen Stonefellow

PRESUMED DEAD when Xymor exploded.

The dwarf mayor of Burran. Recently announced he has a son and a daughter. Krik Stonefellow and Carsa Stonefellow. Is now rarely seen in public. Captured by group.

Stonefellow suffering from horrible dreams and visions. He forsees that evil demons from the depths of Xymor rise up to torture him and the people of Burran. They will be killed and rise again to undergo even more torture. He is afraid to even go to bed at night. He feels weak and confused and sick. However, one night he was visited by a beautiful maiden. She was like an elf, but even more beautiful and divine. Her name was Allatha. And she was real. She laid her hands upon his brow and he felt better. She told him that his visions were in fact the future. And that the demons would come to destroy him and Burran. However, she could keep the demons from destroying him and the city by making offerings to the dark lords in order to appease them. Any riches would do, but magical gems and jewels the most. My children had already agreed to help me. For additional protection, I should grow a garden of mushrooms she gave me. They would keep the visions away. The visions have grown less frequent, but she still sometimes visits him and he longs for those nights.

Healed of Itch Lung disease by Nolofinwe.

Gargen Stonefellow

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