DESTROYED when Xymor exploded.

A Duergar city in Xymor. Rumored to have access to the surface of Xymor.

It is a Duergar stronghold and the center of their power in Xymor. The city is hot and full of choking smoke, with orange glows emanating from massive forges in the heart of the city.

Shukalgau is situated in a huge cavern that has a diameter of about two miles. The city nearly fills the floor of the cavern, but the roof of the cavern rises into darkness above.

A massive 20 foot high Iron Wall surrounds Shukalgau at its front and sides. There is only one gate, Great Gate Ebon, that allows entry and exit into the city. It walls and gates are heavily guarded.

The rear of the city backs up against a strange, relatively smooth curved rock formation. It runs from the floor of the cavern into the darkness of the roof.


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